Work Less, Make More,
Build an Eternal Legacy in the Kingdom & Your Family

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You will discover:

  • The Practical Guide to Optimizing Your Time, Skills, and Finances for Enduring Impact
  • Creating an Eternal Footprint: Mastering the Art of Harnessing and Amplifying Your Sphere of Influence for Lasting Legacy
  • A Blueprint for Achieving more balance, margin, and focus in your career and personal life
  • Career as a Calling: Transforming Your Profession into a Purpose-Driven Mission

And much, much, more!

Your Presenter:

Jeff Gerhardt


Married to Heather (28 years), 4 Children, 2 Sons-in-law.

Former Executive at Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE:EW).

Management Consultant with Strategy, Culture, and Turnaround Expertise.

About The Master’s Program

For the last 28 years, the Master’s Program has provided an in-person and virtual mentorship designed to help Christian leaders grow their influence to impact the world and build God’s Kingdom through their acts of service and irresistible lifestyles.

This 60-minute presentation will provide a brief overview of the Master’s Program experience which includes how you can achieve life mastery and how to become equipped for your life mission and kingdom assignment. 

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