How to Become a Champion of Our Faith

As the NFL launches into another season I found myself thinking about how champions keep winning over many seasons while others play the game only for a season.

How do you approach your faith? By design or by default? Do you work from a playbook to execute your position on your unique Kingdom Calling or are you happy just to have a jersey at the tailgate party? One is a fan, the other a player.

In Session 3 of TMP we are introduced to the 80/20 principle. This involves focusing your energy on things that matter and less on things that don’t generate greater rewards. We drill down on the playbook to discover how 20% of what you do can yield the highest return for eternity. God equips you for a unique position, for a specific play, for a specific outcome.

Remember when you first came to faith? You joined team God, ran out on the field, and played every play, every position, both offense and defense. It’s as if on every play you were yelling to God, “Throw it to me!”

How can you play that game for life, trying to win in every position for the Kingdom, and not burn out?

The enemy, your opponent, has one of the biggest strategies to get you out of the game: to give you every opportunity so you’ll enthusiastically say, “Yes!” to everything. 

But then, time reveals the true test of our faith. There’s a shelf life to us playing if we play every play, position, and down. Burnout sets in, productivity decreases and so does our Kingdom impact.

After all these years, are you still playing the same position? The same level? Or, has your assignment grown to where you are in the playoffs for the championship?

Our faith isn’t for a season. It’s for eternity. Watch to learn how you can work less, make more impact, using your unique God-given position, while adding scores to the scoreboard of eternity.

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