I am out here on dawn patrol. The sun’s not even up yet. Starting the day, getting a workout in, getting the blood pumping… and so today, I want to talk to you about, “How do you take out a leader?”

It’s pretty amazing. Let’s first start out with the fact that there is an enemy. If you are a child of God, your salvation is secure in Christ. Amen to that! Now, we have heard it before and how easy it is for us to say, that is a beautiful saying that we might acknowledge throughout the day, maybe once a week. As a leader, how we can take that for granted because the enemy capitalizes on that. Check this out, here’s what this looks like, the enemy’s strategy, if he can’t take your soul, is what can the enemy do, what is his strategy if he can’t take soul and he’s already lost that battle? 

Two things, are you ready for this? 1. He wants to make you as miserable as possible. Why? because number 2, if he achieves that, it keeps you from becoming fruitful. You are not going to be productive and bearing fruit for the Kingdom. You are not going to be able to be productive in your business as a mission. We have said it before here at The Master’s Program, we believe that the Christian CEO businessman/woman is the most underserved missionary on the planet.

Today my friends, you are in the mission field, whether you work for somebody, or you work for yourself. The bottom line, you are a franchise in God’s Kingdom. What is the enemy going to do? Try and shut you down by robbing your joy. What is that joy? The joy of Christ, that your salvation is secure and he’s going to get you to be as miserable as possible in that endeavor. 

You can have circumstances that would be self-imposed… debt, loss of a loved one, health… you name it, kids, parents. Parenting is the number one toughest job in the world, but if the enemy can rob your joy, he’ll get you to think that you can’t trust God. If you look back and rewind the tape in the Bible, that’s all the enemy has been trying to do. The enemy has been trying to get people to believe that God isn’t true, God isn’t trustworthy, and that you can not put your faith in him. 

Listen, in 1st Peter, the Bible says, “Stay alert”. How do you stay alert? Keep watch. You are a leader. If you are not leading and staying alert, then you are a target. How are you going to do that? As Paul says, he goes listen, on a daily basis you need to give yourself an oil change mentally. Get your mind right. Your mind, body, soul, and spirit. How do you do that? You be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

This isn’t a one and done my friend. This is not a one and done! This is daily! Daily take up your cross. Daily renew your mind. With what? The truth! We become what we eat. If our diet for our soul, and our mind, and our body, and our spirit is “fast food”… expect to have “fast food” results. 

But if we are going to grow up in our faith and we are going to graduate from Mother’s milk to a porterhouse… How are we doing that? We are doing that by abiding. John 15. It’s one thing to know our God. It’s another thing to know him. It is another thing to be in Unity with him. My friends, are you truly in a partnership with God? Are you working for him, or are you working with him?

The Master’s Program is designed, my friends, to remind you… (and we will be in your inbox or we can call it, we can be in your grill on the daily basis, a weekly basis reminding you) to renew your mind. To be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Jesus said it, “so that my joy may be in you, and your joy would be complete”. Man, can you think of anything better? Concerning the enemy’s strategy, my friend: don’t let him be the bully and the punk that he is. Don’t buy into the lies and the grenades coming from the sidelines. 

Listen, you’re suited up. You are a part of God’s Kingdom. You are a child of God. You are a follower of Christ. You are an ambassador of Christ! You have the helmet of salvation. This helmet of salvation be upon you. The breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit, the belt of truth, the sandals fit with the gospel of peace so that you may carry that gospel boldly into your marketplace leadership. 

Come on guys, let’s roll! We don’t get that by being asleep at the wheel… The life that is in Christ is a life by design. That is not one that is by default. The status quo of just taking what you are given, the cards that you were dealt, your family of origin… 

What’s going to take out a leader like you? Are you buying the lies of the enemy? Lies such as your soul is insecure… Your salvation is insecure… That you aren’t a child of God… he can not be trusted. My friends, you are in the “video game of a fallen world”. And you can either be a target, or one of those players that get stuck in a corner – that are moving their feet and not running anywhere -OR you can be on the offense.

We are the winning team my friends. The battle has already been won. Are we going to live it? Are we going to capitalize on it? Are we going to capitalize on the fact that we have been partnered with heaven? that you are partnered with heaven? We have every single resource we’ll ever need provided by the King of kings who owns every hill and all of the cattle on every hill. It’s your turn at bat!

LET’S ROLL!! Capitalize on that union. Don’t work for him; work with Christ!

We are in your corner!

Noah Elias

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