How to Make Sure This Year is Actually Successful

How was last year? Would you like more of the same or are you left wanting more?

What’s God’s measurement of a “good year”? Want to know?

How do you know if it was a “successful” year? Is it based on spreadsheets and numbers?

As we plan the next year, some of us look one month out, others look a few months out, and very few think about the rest of their lifetime.

What if you knew God’s barometer for success? If you did, would you change the way you live and operate today? Would your plans and goals be shifted and prioritized differently?

If you’d like to know what his measurement is, check out this quick video.

Let’s make this year and the coming years matter!

In your corner,

Noah Elias

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Sure This Year is Actually Successful”

  1. Noah you rocked it with this message! It spoke to my heart am I fooling myself building my kingdom or am I asking him how can I be of most service to Him today and help in building Hos kingdom while I am here on earth? What can I do in 2023 to align with your will and your desires for my life? Thanks Noah

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