The Three Songs at Your Funeral

By Noah Elias
August 17, 2023
Noah Elias

The Three Songs at Your Funeral

Hello, my friend,

The other day I was driving by a cemetery and noticed that new grave sites are being installed in new plots. It was a sobering reminder that we all will end up in the same place but we each get to pick what our tombstone will say.

The Master’s Program provides a beautiful disruption of God’s love and invitation to say that once we come to faith and life in Christ and find our new identity in His cause, what we do between conversion and departure will be measured.  This is the grand adventure and invitation to LifeMission that God invites us to join.

Each of us will live this life using different barometers for success in terms of a “life well lived”. Jesus offers us the greatest example of a life well lived and how we can follow His model for extraordinary outcomes. What was His currency? What was the highlight reel He was creating and living for?

The question is, “Will we live a majority of this life trying to crack the code of comfort and career, or will we end each day having added to our highlight reel which will play on the billboards of heaven at the judgement seat?”

On “that day” we will either wish we could go back and ask for more time to do the right stuff, or we will be celebrating the three songs played at our funeral as they reflected a life lived while operating in the currency of the Kingdom.

Watch to be encouraged on how you can end well!

In your corner,

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2 thoughts on “The Three Songs at Your Funeral”

  1. Noah,
    Great summary and overview of a purpose driven life well lived for Jesus glory and the opportunity we all have to see CONVERGENCE happen within the context of our work-a-day worlds.

    The concept of seeing our unique God given gifts, talents abilities and training overlapping with our personal God given calling, intersecting with our God honoring passions, complimenting our roles as faithful leaders of our family, our profession, and our communities is the NEXUS and sweet spot we all need to shoot for in life. This is especially true for those of us in the 4th Quarter of life’s journey operating at the top of our professional game.

    I was very fortunate to be part of the inaugural class of TMP many years ago that launched Bob and took the concept of TMP on the road from OC to distant Santa Barbara.

    Today our company is honored to receive the 2023 SPIRIT OF SMALL BUSINESS AWARD from the US Small Business Administration and the Pacific Coast Business Times at the Ritz Carlton Bacara Resort all with a number of other leading edge companies. Most of the local politicos, community mucky mucks, bankers and business leaders will be attending this event to be held at the nicest venue in our region.

    To God be the glory for TMP and anything good we have done and I’m hoping to honor and thank God for His blessing on our firm and our team for this special recognition. I see the fingerprints of Shank and TMP all over this Award and I appreciate your words of encouragement this morning to press on and fight the good fight to focus on what is most important … relationships with those God puts around us and Kingdom fruit.

    We are all hoping to live a life that is both FAITHFUL & FRUITFUL and TMP is targeted on that goal!

    HEB 10:24-25 remains the call as we see the day drawing near Bro! Blessings to you and the TMP team.



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