express lane of life

Are you in the express lane of life… or in the turnout?

Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – you probably know it as Alice in Wonderland– in 1865; it was a children’s novel that found favor across generations. Performed on stage or screen, the story runs for almost two hours.  There’s an exchange between Alice and the Cheshire Cat that may be the most valuable take-away from the fantasy tale:

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Do you know what you're talking about?

Do you know what you’re talking about?

What are your priorities for this week? Here’s something that’s not on your priority docket right now: Confirm your worldview. But… should it be? This isn’t yawn-worthy elementary philosophy archived in your garage with your freshman leftovers from college. Worldview is the foundation from which you construct your belief systems; it’s the filter through which

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up at night

Is this what’s keeping you up at night?

You were made for more. You’ve felt that, at various times over your adult lifetime. Sometimes it was whispered to you in the middle of a season of difficulty; a time when you felt like you were trying to run a marathon in a field of quicksand. Occasionally, it was the spiritual text message coming

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Are you coasting, or accelerating?

Are you too distracted to be distinctive? If you’re reading this five-minute, beginning-of-the-week memo, you’re probably not one of the self-focused entitled crowd who are watching the Breaking News for the next announcement of debt forgiveness and extended unemployment benefits. That growing segment of the population may never grow up; what’s the point? In your

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Don’t miss the offramp ahead…

We’re spending too much time micro-managing right now… and missing the macro view. You’ve heard it before: “Life is a Journey.” That’s a pretty good word picture. Here’s the situation: on that journey, the progress can stop – though you’re still behind the wheel – if you get into a traffic circle and fail to

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Point of View

Are you sitting at the kids’ table?

Talk about going against the grain… For the last year-plus, the world has been obsessed with death. Last week, I told you that we’re going to make a deliberate break from the headlines and talk on Mondays, instead, about Life! You may have felt last week’s edition to be overly elementary, but – as I

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