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The question we all must answer

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Every generation has answered the question based on very sketchy data. My claim: little boys have stayed pretty consistent: policeman, fireman or athlete. The available options aren’t very apparent when you’re under-10; the approved list of professionals isn’t deep at that age. Life gets complicated, quickly; little

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point of view tunnel

What “end” do you have in mind?

Begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey was 57 when he bundled sage advice into the iconic book that would become his defining work: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Tucked between Be Proactive (Habit #1) and Put First Things First (Habit #3), Begin with the End in Mind advises against aimless activity: if you don’t have the picture of

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church people happen

What happened to the Church?

Some nouns don’t do much to depict detail; they cover a broad range of different versions under the same generalization. Example: car. My first had four wheels and an engine, but my ’63 Plymouth had little in common with my modern Lexus, or with the myriad of gas or electric machines in today’s showrooms. Say church, and you

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spiritual war

One war down; the bigger conflict continues…

Just four weeks ago, David Leonhardt wrote in the New York Times: “The war in Afghanistan – which ended yesterday, as the final U.S. troops left – lasted 19 years and 47 weeks, dating to the first bombing of the Taliban on Oct. 7, 2001. It is America’s longest war, far longer than the country’s great

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1000 times

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 1000 times…

This is either the height of arrogance, or the wisdom of simplicity. In the course of four page-long installments, we’ve purported to address the essence of life, in order of priority. Do these things, and everything else you do in life will come under one or more of these headers. Miss these things – any

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Have you recruited your pallbearers yet?

In just four Mondays, we’re out to define the four steps that will – if taken in order – produce a lifetime of confidence and certainty that will pay off handsomely, in the end. #1 is Foundational: make sure you’re really redeemed – saved, born-again, following Jesus, a Christian – or nothing else matters. #2 is

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