The thrill of victory has a bitter aftertaste…

There’s nowhere to go but down! We’re on the countdown to the new year. The holiday crowd thinks that to be the week after Christmas, but everyone knows that Labor Day marks the transition from summer vacation distractions to the launch of the last months of the calendar year. It’s August! No summer slump here;

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one for the books

Will your today be one for the books?

That’s one for the books! Every language has its own idioms – phrases with meaning that goes beyond the normal usage of the words found in them – and they “work,” because everybody understands. Group shorthand… We all understand that most of life comes-and-goes without significance. Hours are spent on busy-work that has to be

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These don’t sell on Amazon…

Bitcoin(s) are up; books are down. Trends are troubling, but they don’t care about our feelings. The rise of literacy has no direct effect on the number of readers. The fact that one can read does not mean that one does read. The stats are telling: one-third of high school graduates never read another book

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Is the Law of Consequences Now Unconstitutional?

Everything is opening up again across America. Masks are now optional (based on double-vaccination) in most places; a huge opportunity for recycling plexiglass sheets is imminent. People shut-in for more than a year are jamming planes and overwhelming theme parks. Is it really safe to drop the defenses and go back into pre-pandemic freedoms? Though the

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Steve Ted Bob

Stand and Salute!

Flags tell a story… but they also reveal our loyalties! For decades of my lifetime, the Fourth of July – or, Independence Day as it’s denoted on the list of federal holidays – was a time that appeared to bring communities together. Parks filled with families; hot dog sales peaked (150 million over this holiday, when last

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grasshopper choose wisely

Choose wisely, Grasshopper…

Had you been a contemporary of Jesus – in 1st Century Israel – you could have been a groupie, following Him from live event to live event… but you would have heard the same message over-and-over again. His teaching ministry had a sole focus. He knew His audience: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of

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