Are you occupied, or vacant?

Symbols are important; when symbols depict reality, their importance amplifies. Four years ago Saturday was a historic moment: on May 14, 2018, the Embassy of the United States in Israel moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Some argue that the location of the Embassy is simply symbolic, but it depicts a reality that is incredibly

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city of hope

Do you have a get-out-of-jail card?

This is a big day, for Cheri and me. Today is my release from medical confinement at the City of Hope, freed to shift from an in-patient status to out-patient, allowing my continuing treatment to occur while commuting from home. For over 100 days, I’ve been in isolation; my freedom was sacrificed to receive the

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Golf Challenge

How much will we offer?

Greetings from my luxurious hospital room at the City of Hope in Duarte, California! After 60 in-patient nights in the last 110, I can’t wait to re-emerge in a couple of weeks to open air and sunshine! Hospitality! I love the sound of that, don’t you? In our culture, hospitality is both hosting traded between

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sand time counter

What happens when you run out of time?

“Our days may end at seventy years…” According to the United States Government – the Centers for Disease Control – the average lifespan for an adult born in America in 1948 is 68.2 (I’ll be 69 next month). That opening quote was from Moses – who headed the Jewish community for 40 years, nearly 4000

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Which kind of “great” are you?

Football fans hit their peak in early February; there are bowl games aplenty, but there’s only one Super Bowl. Attention is riveted on the field – or, the screens – for 60 minutes, plus time-outs and commercial breaks as the battle for victory consumes the weekend for millions. Christian churches hit their highest post-pandemic crowd

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point of view doctor

What did you just say?

Just: the four-letter word that has become a cancer in our conversations with God. It’s a word with multiple meanings and wears a couple of different identities. When it comes through your mind or lips as an adjective, it catches God’s ears because it touches on one of His self-described attributes: “He is the rock,

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