Jeff Gerhardt

How hard are you knocking on that door?

In the story of the parable, Jesus talked about the man who went to go wake up his neighbor for some bread, the man pounded …

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Nadya Dickson

You’re Incredible by Design

We are unpacking boxes in our new home, and we’ve discovered that the architect that designed the home, also lived here. He included inherit functionality …

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rob dayton and Nancy

Are you a 1%er?

For a Master’s Program Grad, Session 6 included the money focus.  We learned that God owns it all. Jesus has invested in us with the …

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noah elias insider journal

Your Mind: Is your ladder of success leaned against the wrong building?

For some of us, success is determined by our bottom line of our balance sheet. For others, it is their status or acquisition of possessions. …

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Jeff Gerhardt spring

Keep Your Grit and Don’t Quit

Spring’s inconsistency is on display these days.  One day it’s cool or cold and the next day warm and very pleasant.  Even on those enjoyable …

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