Nadya Dickson

As a Communicator and Professional Leadership Coach, Nadya Dickson helps high-impact Christian women in business discover their Kingdom Assignment while coaching them toward a life of increased margin, balance, and focus, to exponentially change their world and extend God’s Kingdom. She serves as the National and International Director of the Master’s Program for Women. Her happy place is at home in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she gets to cherish time with her husband and best friend, Damien, and their two grown sons, Alex and Andrew.

nadya dickson

He is Risen!

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina spring has sprung; it’s beautiful. I am listening to the birds. I am looking at all of the beautiful plants and shrubs in my garden that are now blooming and bursting open with color. It is such a beautiful time of year here. And it is Good Friday tomorrow… Watch …

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Nadya Dickson

Glory to Glory

I just came back from The Master’s Program Session 10 in Orange County. It’s an exciting session as you can see moments of revelation and epiphany take place among the participants. Yesterday I spoke with a couple of graduates who reported that they marveled at how they saw the work that they did through The …

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