Do the 5/10/20 Check Before the Year Starts

As we stand at the starting gate of this year, the past month has been dedicated to gearing up for all that lies ahead. However, a crucial consideration emerges: without reflecting on this aspect, we may miss the essence of it all. Amidst the constant advice surrounding us on maximizing the next 12 months, I invite you to ponder a broader perspective that begins with eternity in mind.

The focal point isn’t merely the endpoint of our lives but rather an eternal perspective. Starting with eternity in mind prompts us to question: What will matter forever? This eternal significance should drive all our goals and actions in the coming year. To facilitate this if you are married, engage in an exercise involving a strategic conversation with your spouse.

Initiate the process by identifying what matters eternally, aligning with the Great Commands and the Great Commission. Love God, love people, make disciples – these principles form the foundation of our Father’s business. Ensure that all your priorities align with this eternal perspective.

Now, let’s delve into a practical exercise: 5/10/20. Begin with a 20-year horizon – envision where you’ll be in two decades and the narrative you want to be told. The size of your dream connected to our Father’s business sets the standard for your journey.

Move closer with a 10-year plan, aligning with the boldness of the 20-year vision. Break it down further with a 5-year plan, maintaining the audacious yet achievable trajectory. This exercise serves as a revealing journey towards who you’ll become in 5, 10, and 20 years.

Collaborate with your spouse in this exercise, recognizing the importance of shared dreams. Proverbs 29:18 emphasizes the necessity of vision; without a dream, we stay neutral. With the eternal mindset established through 5/10/20, determine the incremental steps for the upcoming year.

As we stand at the starting gate, assess whether your goals align with the compelling nature of your 5/10/20 dreams. Let your dreams be so compelling that you’re willing to sacrifice for them. This is your opportunity to provide a strategic vision, not just for yourself but for those following you.  Then, make sure this year’s goals will make incremental movement to the grander dream for your life. 

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