Most of you have spent your life investing and now many of you consider yourselves Capital Allocators. Marketplace leaders look at assets as opportunities to deploy for further value growth. These come in the form of humans, systems, technologies, intellectual property, real estate, and various other investments.

I was getting ready to start my afternoon when a thought occurred to me. “If my current investments were to go to pennies on the dollar, I would still buy MORE!”

Good investors know that building assets overtime isn’t best done working like a “riverboat gambler” but as a farmer who plants seed and has studied the soil, the weather, and what will be in demand when the harvest comes. This thesis is what we invest in. A belief that explains why the investment is so good and when/how/if we should exit it or perhaps harvest some of it.

As I was still in my mind about how good my investment thesis was, I felt God speak to me and ask…what about your Faith Thesis? It, being like an asset to – if all the chips were down and everything around you said SELL…would you?

Evidence around us says that simply identifying as a follower of Christ is tolerated but less and less accepted. While even the word Christian continues to look more like a political party than a Faith, we have to consider what the future will be like. Being shrewd in our faith is as important as it is in our assets. To stay in faith we are going to need a strong thesis of “why”. If that “why” is centered around a national flag, the next season in your heart may make an unnecessary “sell” before it’s time.

When Peter told Jesus he would “never fall away” even if everyone else did in Matthew 26, many of us have the same thoughts. We identify with Peter’s resolve. Yet, Peter still denied the Lord three times. Later after Jesus returns from the grave to bring Peter breakfast on the shore, He asks Peter if he loves Jesus three times. “Feed my sheep” or do what I have called you to do. Jesus knew the fuel source of faith is doing what He asked us to do. Do you know what God has asked you to do?

Building a Faith thesis is going to help you know that doubling down on your faith in Christ is worth it even when everything around you doesn’t make sense. Your next move, get clear on what God is calling you to do in the next season that will build a compelling vision to go “all in”.

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Jeff Gerhardt

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