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A good measure of stubbornness

Now having passed President’s Day, you are into week eight of 2022. Blink, and it will be summer. Blink twice, and football will be back with Christmas music playing in the stores. Time is flying by, and there is no slowing it down! Stop for a second and consider – how is 2022 going for you?You

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red roses

Will you be mine?

Roses are red, Bengals are blue, Rams were amazing, nothing Cincy could do! The obligatory nature of a holiday right after the Super Bowl may be catching you off guard. Today is the celebration of a 3rd Century priest who believed in love. It’s been said that this priest named Valentine would cut hearts out of

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Where are you placing your bets?

This Sunday, Super Bowl LVI, the big game, will be hosted in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium.  You’d think that would make the NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams the home team.  NOPE!  This year is the AFC Champion’s turn to have the home-field advantage.  That puts the Cincinnati Bengals as the out-of-towners who get to

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pro bowl

Pro Bowl LXXII

Pro Bowl LXXII; Super Bowl LVI. That’s the difference between 72 and 56 years; one of those is “long in tooth;” the other continues to grow in popularity. The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967, and its origin was part of the multi-year process through which the National and American Football Leagues

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How’s the water right now?

What’s your outlet for adventure? If you had a week to feed your soul and raise your sense of wellbeing, what would you do? For me – for the last 45 years – white water rafting has been among my top-three choices. I’ve run over 5000 miles of America’s rivers: not as a customer on

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MLK. I am not trivially referring to the tenth and final track on U2’s 1984 album, The Unforgettable Fire. But rather an American we celebrate each year whose pastoral vision of America’s future became the mantra of the entire western world.  What do you think when you hear the word vision?  If you are younger,

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