point of view october 31

What happens when God shows up?

Listen to the commentary   Let’s pretend that you’ve adopted the FIRE strategy (Financial Independence; Retire Early) advocated by the Millennial Generation. You’ve unleashed your Bucket List. What now? If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Americans with vacation dreams exclude itineraries to places like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Syria,

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point of view october 24

What can you learn from listening?

Listen to the commentary   You don’t really believe all of those unscientific myths in the Bible, do you? Put me down with a “yes” in response to that question. Skepticism – which has been rampant since it was first proposed by the Evil One, posing as a serpent to Eve – always reacts to

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point of view october 17

Be careful about seeking your calling

Listen to the commentary What are you going to name him? If you’re expecting a boy, the hunt for a name is a common pre-birth conundrum. Popularity lists for names are one source of supply; if you’re considering Jonah, it currently ranks at #140 in America. It’s a relatively obscure name in the list of

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point of view october 10

So, what’s your “why?”

Listen to the commentary   The Great Resignation is underway; are you among the 44% of workers who are looking for a new job? It’s really nothing new: human experience is an ongoing search for meaning and purpose. Since one’s profession is the biggest time investment in life – 100,000 hours en toto – it

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above the clouds

Who – exactly – is He?

Listen to the commentary   Who – exactly – is He? And who – exactly – are you? Every two years, Ligonier Ministries (founded by R.C. Sproul, who has now passed into Eternity) and LifeWay (the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention) cooperate to create the State of Theology survey of Americans, to find

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suit tie coffee

Who’s protecting what matters most?

Listen to the commentary   Hi, I’m Bob… and I’m a wonk. No apologies from me; no plans to change gears. I’m a wonk… and so should you be! I guess some definition is in order. In the modern lexicon, a wonk is a person who takes an enthusiastic or excessive interest in the specialized

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