Bob Shank

Bob is the Founder of The Master’s Program, providing strategic life mentoring to Christian leaders, and is the co-founder of The Barnabas Group. He has been a mentor to thousands of Kingdom leaders over the last 25 years.

Point of View

Are You None?

What will your kids choose to be when they grow up? That speculation may not get much outward airing over dinner with friends, but in the quiet moments when parents project their family into the future, it’s no small speculation. Here’s one layer of that prognostication: Will your kids grow up to be nuns? This …

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Point of View

How Irrelevant Are You?

It’s called the Lowsman Banquet; the 2022 annual re-enactment on June 20th, 2022 was the 47th assembly in Newport Beach to celebrate the most unlikely of honorees. Weeks before, no one would have known the name of the Man of the Hour; today, he’s one of the hottest celebs on the planet. What gives? Paul …

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Point of View

Who’s in Your Circle, Today?

Nearly 40 years ago, David W. Smith – former suburban school superintendent in Chicago, frequent ministry speaker, prolific author of 60+ books – detected a widespread malady and exposed it in his landmark book, The Friendless American Male. Has the situation stabilized, or is it worse? “According to a recent American Survey report, men have …

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Point of View

Where’s Your Third Place?

  Let’s play a little cultural history trivia game. Here’s a roster of quirky but endearing people whom you probably invited into your home late in the last century: Sam. Carla. Cliff. Norm. Frasier. Woody. Phil. Rebecca. Diane. Lilith. Ernie. I have no prize to offer if you’ve figured them out. Who are these folks? …

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Point of View

What’s Your Home Turf?

  Last week’s Point of View seems to have hit some tender spots. I was recognizing the widespread incidence of anxiety as a pandemic for which God offers the only viable vaccination. How can one know that they’re likely flirting with anxiety as a “thing?” The significant tell is the lack of peace – not …

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Point of View

Two Minute Warning!

  It was historic: six weeks ago last Sunday, five NFL games were decided with seconds-or-less left on the clock! What happened? And why does it matter? On November 12th, the Cardinals, Browns, Seahawks, Texans and Lions each kicked a field goal as time expired on the game clock. In all five contests, three points …

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