Bob Shank

Bob is the Founder of The Master’s Program, providing strategic life mentoring to Christian leaders, and is the co-founder of The Barnabas Group. He has been a mentor to thousands of Kingdom leaders over the last 20 years.

no buts about it

No “buts” about it!

Listen to the commentary   Too frequently, I find myself defined by my pathology; sometimes, I think I’m pathetic. Voices that have been dead for decades still echo in my mind when it’s quiet all around me. Does that ever happen to you? Some phrases haunt me; here’s one I heard from the heavies during …

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men make cut

Are men going to make the cut?

Listen to the commentary   “There’s something happening here…” It’s been over 50 years since Stephen Stills’ song – performed by him in the band Buffalo Springfield – used that line in verse one of “For What it’s Worth.” During Vietnam, it was written to give voice to reasoned protest against the way things are …

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seize the day

Seize the day

Listen to the commentary   “‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may’. The Latin term for that sentiment is Carpe Diem…  ‘Seize the day.’ Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Why does the writer use these lines? …Because we are food for the worms, lads. Because believe it or not, each and every one of us in …

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Embrace the Risk

Embrace the Risk

Listen to the commentary “Life is a classroom — only those who are willing to be lifelong learners will move to the head of the class.” – Zig Ziglar. Married at 20; dropped out of college at 21; his first job was with WearEver Cookware, selling pots-and-pans, door-to-door. What could he know about Life?  Zig …

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Own the Mission

Own the Mission

Listen to the commentary It’s hard to explore or explain mission if you’ve decided that God is a figment of ancient imaginations and that life has no meaning beyond the moment. Lots of people talking about mission, but – if you’re operating with informed clarity – it demands a spiritual dimension. Consult the dictionary: mission …

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pack you bags

Pack your Bags

Listen to the commentary   Last week, our conversation could have been considered a bit morbid or fatalistic. Coming to grips with mortality has two distinctly different approaches. Some look for longevity. A recent study published in Nature Communications puts the maximum lifespan for humans at 120-150 years. Sounds great, but they had no one …

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