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You Ain’t Seen Nothing, Yet!

What does it take to get the crowd behind you? Leaders across history have addressed that challenge – across continents and cultures – for millennia, since Noah’s family disembarked. How do you manage to get people to raise their heads above the continuum and hold their focus for the future? One answer with consistent impact: …

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Point of View

Who Deserves the Shout-out?

  Let me say this at the top of this Monday installment of my Point of View: I’ve mastered the art of calling out BFOs. Lay that acrostic in front of an electronics engineer, and their light goes on: that’s a Beat-Frequency Oscillator that generates a constant sine wave at a frequency that is offset …

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Bob Shank

Do You Outrank the Royals?

America is currently in a highlight funk. Football season ended with the Super Bowl. Baseball season is just getting into its groove. No fireworks until the Fourth of July. Mixed Martial Arts – MMA – has created a parallel phenomenon called the Presidential Election, and it’s the championship battle that will run until November 5, …

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Point of View

Do You Believe in Miracles?

What a week! My Monday missives are written with the intent to create conversations about things that are happening around us, in real time… and to found those interactions on a shared commitment to a biblical worldview. This has been an extraordinary week of action… My initial inclination was to focus attention on Scottie Scheffler’s …

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Point of View

How Do You Identify?

Last Monday was an epic moment; the real-time of the solar eclipse was about five minutes – depending on where you were standing in relationship to the positions of the sun and the moon – but millions of people organized their day around catching a glimpse of the phenomenon that will not recur in the …

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Point of View

How Great was Yesterday?

Football fans hit their peak the second Sunday of February; there are bowl games aplenty, but there’s only one Super Bowl. Attention is riveted to the field – or the screens – for 60 minutes, plus time-outs, halftime and commercial breaks as the battle for victory consumes the weekend for millions. Christian churches hit their …

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