Bob Shank

Bob Shank

Bob is the Founder of The Master’s Program, providing strategic life mentoring to Christian leaders, and is the co-founder of The Barnabas Group. He has been a mentor to thousands of Kingdom leaders over the last 25 years.

whose side is He on

Whose side is He on?

Is there anyone but me who finds it difficult to make sense out of the paradoxes that are on display around the world? For most of the last two centuries, America was assumed to be the country most aligned with the Christian faith. Today vestiges of that era are being dismantled. Operating under the banner …

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will you ever learn

 Will you ever learn?

Halftime. It’s the book – written by my now-in-Heaven friend Bob Buford – that launched The Master’s Program. Published in 1994, Bob argues that early career success is not life’s main event; rather – for Christians – it is merely the opening act for a later reinvention that will qualify as eternally significant. Bob’s challenge …

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pro bowl

Pro Bowl LXXII

Pro Bowl LXXII; Super Bowl LVI. That’s the difference between 72 and 56 years; one of those is “long in tooth;” the other continues to grow in popularity. The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967, and its origin was part of the multi-year process through which the National and American Football Leagues …

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MLK. I am not trivially referring to the tenth and final track on U2’s 1984 album, The Unforgettable Fire. But rather an American we celebrate each year whose pastoral vision of America’s future became the mantra of the entire western world.  What do you think when you hear the word vision?  If you are younger, …

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point of view

It isn’t a New Year unless you make it so

What’s New? Answer: everything. Last Friday, arguments were heard in two Supreme Court cases while the Omicron hurricane swirled outside. All but one justice appeared in the now-common new fashion, masked while hearing and considering the positions. Justice Sonia Sotomayer was even more avant-garde: she participated remotely from her office rather than joining her contemporaries in the main …

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