Are you living for eternity?  What does eternity even look like?  Do you have an accurate picture of Heaven, how it functions and what you’re doing in it?

Steven Covey famously suggested that we “begin with the end in mind.” He suggested that highly effective people have a clear, ever-present picture of their goals.  I think you would agree that we live for Heaven and being fully present with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and a loving Heavenly Father.  But if we’re foggy on what Heaven looks like, your ability to live for that goal will also be foggy.

In The Master’s Program, we challenge you to practice LifeMastery and LifeMission.  We hone your ability to take responsibility for what God has given only you.  We identify your Potential, Passion and Purpose so that you can pursue the unique Kingdom Calling Jesus imagined when He created you.

Francis Chan gave us a memorably illustration of eternity with his endless rope with the one inch of red tape on one end.  Remember it?  If not, check it out here.   In the illustration, Chan holds a rope, imagining it is long enough to circle the globe.  “This represents your life,” he says.  “The red tape is your short life here on earth, and the rest is eternity.”  His point?  You have a very short time here in the early realm, and countless time in eternity.   And importantly, the Bible teaches us that what we do here on earth in this short time will determine how we spend millions of years in eternity.  

But the objective of these Priority Living Strategies is to live for Heaven. If you don’t have an accurate picture of Heaven, these well-intentioned strategies could be missing the mark. 

Motivating? Yes! Most don’t spend any time thinking about eternity. But you’re different.  You were designed with eternity in mind.  The Trinity calls you His dwelling place.  He has a plan for you.  And His plan for you includes eternity.  So having an accurate, compelling picture of Heaven is mission-critical to your strategy for living

When we think of Heaven, most think of a metaphysical realm of clouds, or an endless church service.  Or maybe you’re just unsure about what Heaven looks like, but you have faith that it is good.

In Session 1 of The Master’s Program we point to Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven, to begin with the end in mind. Randy paints a Biblical picture of Heaven, which is also known as the “New Earth.”  You will be surprised to understand that you’ll continue to have a role and a purpose in Heaven.  Heaven has a governing structure and individual responsibilities.  When the Bible says there will be a “New Earth,” it means that it will be new, but also similar to the old one.

This Christmas, give yourself a Biblical, accurate picture of Heaven – the place you will spend eternity.  Get good at honing your imagination on the ultimate objective of your life.  Begin with the end in mind.  

We are in your corner,

Rob Dayton

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