Rob Dayton

Rob Dayton specializes in applying wise planning today to guide the inspired futures of tomorrow. Trained in urban planning at USC, Rob was a transportation and environmental consultant in Los Angeles. Then, with a plan to stay only “a couple of years,” he moved to the City of Santa Barbara to gain required government experience. Now with 30 years of experience pursuing a career of “Paradise Management” serving Santa Barbara as a senior Public Works official and informal “Culture Coach,” he is now focused helping other cities and private businesses create the strategic cultures that multiply success. Rob’s graduation from the Master’s Program in 2007 transformed his thinking about his most effective role in government and how to leverage his influence for the Kingdom.

rob dayton

 Show me your focus

Tell me your focus; I’ll tell you where you’re going! The Master’s Program mantra is Balance – Margin – Focus.  But what does Focus practically look like?  How do I know I’m on target?  In a world that seems to offer increasingly distracting doomsday decoys, you can thrive in what the Trinity has called you …

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rob dayton

 Want a Blessing?

Blessings are one of the great accelerators of God’s Kingdom.  It speaks of the release of someone who is in Christ.  You cannot control who gives you a blessing, but you can get good at giving them to others. Do you know how? Watch to learn more… I’m in your corner, Rob Dayton Want to …

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rob dayton and Nancy

Are you a 1%er?

For a Master’s Program Grad, Session 6 included the money focus.  We learned that God owns it all. Jesus has invested in us with the expectation of ROI upon Jesus’ return.  According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute’s Global Wealth Report 2021, half the world’s wealth is owned by the wealthiest 1%.  What makes you …

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