Easter! Maybe we’ve had a few too many Easters; perhaps “He is Risen, Indeed!” has become, for us long-timers, a bit trite. God forgive us for being a bit too familiar about the most astounding event in the history of the Universe.

This was part of my PS at the end of my recent Point of View: Jesus 1.0 – in eternity past – was incredible. Jesus 2.0 – incarnate, on-mission on Earth – was unprecedented. Now, Jesus 3.0 – out of the grave, alive forevermore – is the ultimate! In each manifestation, He was a showstopper… but each stage led to His ultimate existence, as He is today, waiting to come back for us!

He has inspired us to keep stretching for better in our service to the leaders in His Kingdom. In 1984, I formed Priority Living, Inc. as a ministry to marketplace leaders; that was 1.0. Version 2.0 incubated in 1996 before launching as The Master’s Program (TMP) – under the umbrella of Priority Living, Inc. – in 1997. 

Just a year ago, the world went into lockdown in an effort to slow the pandemic. At TMP, we pivoted immediately and shifted to virtual platforms as we continued to serve Kingdom leaders – with careers in the marketplace, ministry, military and more – spread across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Rather than finding a Safe Room to ride out covid until things returned to “normal,” we created a War Room where we asked God to shape our vision for the next, new season. He showed up, big-time!

TMP 3.0 is a new level of ministry to Kingdom leaders, and we’re going to be rolling it out to you – and the rest of our Master’s community – in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to get your feedback on what you’ll be seeing as we introduce you to the Path of Life, and what we’ll be doing to help you leverage and compound your service to the One who deserves our ultimate engagement!

Watch for these breaking-news announcements about the multiple levels of beneficial services that are part of TMP 3.0, designed to encourage the Lifestyle of Kingdom leadership that is your ultimate status. We’ve got a lot to talk about!

-Bob Shank

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