I’m spending time on the Colorado River at its headwaters fishing with some brothers who are also pursuing Kingdom Calling exploits. As we fish with the joy of the scenery, the river, and the catching – I thought about Jesus’ words to Peter: “Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.”  

You know the story. Peter is a fisherman. Jesus is using Peter’s job title to call him into a greater story – a Kingdom Calling story. It’s almost as if Jesus were saying: “Peter, you catch fish for a living, but following me will transform you into a different kind of catcher. You will become one who strategically brings men and women into the Kingdom.” In the fulfillment of Jesus’ vision for Peter, he became foundational to the formation of the Church. The Rock. Many people, including some reading this now, have entered the Kingdom of God because of Peter.

What vision has Jesus given to you? Has Jesus asked you to follow Him? I propose that Jesus’ vision for Peter is not necessarily the same one He is giving you. You are uniquely made and have a potential, passion, and purpose that is only yours. Jesus and the Father know this. They are intimately familiar with you, their creation.

What unique vision is Jesus birthing in you? Fill in the blank: “Follow me, and I will make you ________________.” What has Jesus said to you? Maybe you are hearing His vision for you for the first time … 

Here at Priority Living, we help men and women hear and understand Jesus’ unique vision over them. We call it LifeMission.

  • If you have heard Jesus’ calling and know what His vision is for you, please let us know below. We are excited to celebrate with you and spur you onto completion. 
  • If you’re still wondering, let me know that too.  

Priority Living is committed to helping you fulfill your unique LifeMission.

– Rob Dayton

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