How are you fighting for your Freedom?

It will require courage and stepping outside of your comfort zone. The outcome is not just worth it for you, but also for the next generation. This is part of the legacy you will leave for your children and your children’s children!

Freedom doesn’t come freely.  Are you willing to do something unprecedented to walk in Freedom?

It takes personal entrepreneurship, strategy, and intention. In Session 3 of The Master’s Program, we look at various biblical approaches toward stewarding time. We call this Time Leadership. When we practice LifeMastery in this area, we are on our way to creating margin. This is the space where focus and strategy can be applied so progress or increase can be achieved. Progress towards what?

 If you have not already created a vision statement for every area of your life, how do you know if you’re even close to hitting it? I’m talking about a vision statement for your personal realm, family realm, professional realm and your calling in the Kingdom realm.

Once defined and written down, the only way we move towards achieving our envisioned future, is through focus. If we cannot create margin, the tyranny of the urgent disallows us the freedom to focus and apply strategic behavior on the priorities of real life and living.

Our ability to create margin and to apply focus today, will affect us and our families not just today, but for years to come. This brings increasing freedom towards fruitfulness.

I remember early on in my own experience going through The Master’s Program, I was a workaholic. I had believed that my family would benefit from my career success, later, and it would be worth it all someday. Almost all my goals were in the professional realm. After I was challenged in The Master’s Program to write vision statements for the other realms outside my professional life (ie. Personal, Family and Kingdom Calling) my eyes were opened to my own bondage. During that time, my son (7 years old at the time), tapped me on the shoulder to take him out for ice cream. My typical response, “Not now, Mom doesn’t have time, maybe later” was returned by my son with, “Mom why do you work so much?”

My heart broke as I remembered learning that I couldn’t become a better leader than I was a parent. I also recalled my newly written mission statement, to create unforgettable moments with my children. For my youngest son, that meant quality time. I had asked him earlier to tell me about some of the best times we had together. It wasn’t DisneyLand, as I had expected, it was when we read together or went out on spontaneous outings. For us, going out to get an ice cream was strategic behavior! This was just one area. There are many more in areas of marriage, finance, and so on!

As I am writing this, my son just stepped into my office.  He’s 19 years old now. I read this blog out loud to him and we both smiled as he told me about a brand-new oat milk ice cream he tried this past weekend.  I am incredibly grateful now, for the paradigm shift I had back then.

So, my question to you is, “What are you willing to do to contend for Freedom in every area of your life?”

If you are struggling to create margin, visit us at the link below and learn more about this life changing opportunity. Are you ready to become free to live out what you were created to be?

We are in your corner!

Nadya Dickson

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