Are you in Process toward the Pinnacle?

We were wired to live life to the full and trail blaze new paths. Are you taking territory?

Every session of The Master’s Program helps us navigate a new frontier of LifeMastery. The territory we are commissioned to take out in the world (our Life Mission) requires us to take territory on the inside first!

A powerful aspect of The Master’s Program is we get to do it in community with a trusted leader who is guiding the expedition. The ultimate Sherpa is the Shepherd! Jesus came to show us the way and equip us for the journey. He conquered the enemy on the Pinnacle of His own calling so we can too. On that pinnacle Jesus was offered a shortcut but resisted all the trappings of power and distraction to walk the road of servanthood. He paid the ultimate sacrifice.

As we give thanks for all He has done for us, let’s stay faithful in the process as we follow Him towards the Pinnacle of our Kingdom Assignment! He was sent! He finished His mission!

Tag, you’re it! You are sent! It’s our privilege to discover how we were uniquely and powerfully designed to love God, love people and make disciples! Let’s finish strong together!

We are in your corner,

Nadya Dickson

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