Want to Experience Calm in the Storm?

By Rob Dayton
August 24, 2023
Rob Dayton

Want to Experience Calm in the Storm?

You can’t control your circumstance, but you can choose how you’ll respond to them. 

Will you react with bitterness? Or will you triumph through thankfulness? The choice is yours.

In The Master’s Program, we practice LifeMastery in our Personal Realm (Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit). We believe that your personal health, relationships, and Kingdom Calling are influenced by how you manage your Personal Realm. But, at the end of the day, it’s your choice how you cultivate your Personal Realm. Have you decided?

In Deuteronomy 30, God tells Israel before heaven and earth that He has set before them life and death, blessing and cursing. His instruction: Choose life!  In other words, it’s your responsibility to make it happen. Of course, we have a significant advantage, Jesus has redeemed us. We live in the presence of the Trinity.  But these superpowers have a countervailing Kryptonite. It’s called bitterness.

Bitterness kills. It distorts God’s goodness. It’s a product of seeing your negative circumstances as a loathsome burden. Bitterness blames and judges. It prevents us from serving, giving, and loving. It clouds the beauty before us. Opportunity does not exist in bitterness, only self-destruction. 

The counterbalance is thankfulness. Thankfulness is the entrance into God’s presence. It shifts our perspective to see what’s right. It opens our eyes to the opportunities before us. Thankfulness teaches how to use the trial for prosperity and blessing. Thankfulness is choosing life.

Jesus was not frustrated or saddened by the world. He did not come to judge the world but to save it. If He was frustrated about anything, it was with religious people who held the keys to life but refused to enter. The “Christians” of His day were choosing death and cursing.

Don’t be consumed with the negativity of the world around you. Don’t wallow in unforgiveness of those who wronged you. If there’s darkness, it requires more light. That light is Jesus in you – the light of the world! The outcome of the storm is dependent upon how you view life. Is it a series of just good and bad times? Or, is it a series of circumstances where God is working all things together for your good? Choose thankfulness.  

It’s not easy. It requires practice and intentionality. Aim thankfulness at your spouse and watch your marriage grow. Aim thankfulness at your kids and watch them thrive. See people through the lens of gratitude and watch pathways into people’s hearts open before you.  

You can’t change your circumstances. But you can practice joy in the trial and gain life and blessing. Your health will grow, and the world around you will be transformed.

In your corner,

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