What is your most effective habit for the health of your Personal Realm?

Here at Priority Living, we give leaders the strategy to maintain health at their core: Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.  We call this the Personal Realm.  

The level of health you maintain in the Personal Realm will impact every other area of life’s responsibility God has given you in His Kingdom.  Without a healthy Personal Realm, you put at risk your marriage, your fatherhood/motherhood, your career, your finances, and your service to the Church and the World.

Is your Personal Realm healthy?  The answer is found in the habits you’ve created to ensure health in all four areas of the Personal Realm.  Good habits for our Body are the easiest to find and pursue to combat extra pounds and disease, but how does one keep a healthy Mind?  What habits form healthy relationships (which is the Soul portion of the Personal Realm)?  We have heard a daily “quiet time” is a good thing for our Spirit, but what other practical ways can we actively “follow Jesus” as we are told in the gospels?

As the earth seemingly spins at an ever-increasing rate and our days fly by with other people’s requests of our time, the pursuit of health in the Personal Realm is mission critical. But how?  What’s the best investment of your time in the personal space?

One answer is to form habits that benefit multiple areas of the Personal Realm at the same time.  For example, Nancy (spouse) and I hit the bikes once a week for a ride that takes us into nature and out of life’s demands. For us, this becomes an exercise of the Body, a nurturing of the Mind, a connection to worship God together (Spirit), as well as a building of our own relationship (Soul).  This practice, when sustained over time, yields huge Personal Realm dividends, as well as maintaining the foundation of our marriage. 

What new habit could you begin this week that would have a multidimensional health contribution to your core?  Mixing physical activity with friends is a good start.  Add a recurring, intentional conversation about what/how the Trinity currently is teaching you… bonus! Or, commit to sharing something you learned and how you are working to integrate a behavior change.  

Here at Priority Living, we give people the strategy to transform and maximize the health of their Personal Realm.  We insist that your health in the Personal Realm will either help launch or potentially deny, delay, or destruct your LifeMission.  All are called, but few get to live and fulfill their Kingdom Calling if their Personal Realm stands neglected.  We can help you become one of the few!

We are in your corner!

Rob Dayton

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