What are your gauges telling you?

By Bob Shank
January 9, 2023

What are your gauges telling you?


I felt a little bad: last Monday was a holiday – with New Year’s Day celebrated on the 2nd – and I asked you to do some heavy-lifting. Maybe your out-of-office response piled the Point of View into the “later” file. If this conversation didn’t happen last week, dive back and find it. You owe it to yourself!

Social interactions will continue as playoff games march toward Super Bowl; chips and guac will force encounters where conversations expose shallow perspectives. Enough of that triviality: this is deep-end self-evaluation: how are the gauges on your personal navigation screen reporting your current experience of Jesus-inspired LifeMastery? On your way from saved to sanctified, how is it going? Are you stalled in red or yellow zones, or are you soaring in the green into a bright, positive future?

I stuck my nose into your business last Monday: we put You, Who and Do on the table. You exposes your physical, intellectual, relational and spiritual fitness (that’s body, mind, soul and spirit). Who highlights your most important, irreplaceable human connections: a one-flesh marriage partner, and the kids – and their kids – who make up your downline. Are y’all in cahoots, or in crisis? Are your richest human relationships in your annual family photo? Do is third in line: we aren’t content with just a Career; we were looking for honest assessment about Calling as well. Each of those categories are gauges on your control panel, giving honest indication about how it’s going where it really counts.

Early in January, health and fitness websites and brick-and-mortar facilities have their own version of Black Friday. The short blast of ganache guilt from too many festive foods throws people into a frenzy as they try to melt off the 10 pounds they gained since Thanksgiving. The longing for positive change drives people into action. That’s all good… but is it enough?

The intent of this two-Monday examination into your private life is to encourage the honest evaluation of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s confused and what’s missing. Rather than settling for the blather that plays in the shallows and never dives to the depths, I’m asking you to accept my help in getting a full work-up of how your life – on the path to what God calls “sanctification” – can move from virtual standstill into a life that captures the attention of people who don’t think it’s possible to be “winning” in all of life’s continuing challenge points.

Conceding defeat, too many conclude that a life of balance isn’t possible unless a strategic compromise is accepted. Often, they allow family to deflate while career is pumped-up. Or, they watch the critical components of You – nurturing a healthy body, developing a keen intellect, developing life-giving social habits, fostering faith based on a first-name relationship with Lord and Savior Jesus – wane from winsomeness as they sacrifice their personhood to competing time demands that dismiss their own development as self-centered. The Enemy opposes everything God proposes…

Can you invest in your own journey toward wholeness without calling a time-out on the crucial contributions you’re expected to make on the Family, Professional and Kingdom fronts? If you held on to the napkin I asked you to personalize last week – with red/yellow/green indicators assigned to each of the life essential aspects that make you, you: maybe you’re feeling really bummed (red), temporarily comfortable (yellow), or extraordinarily fulfilled (green, heading for greener).

That napkin is your tell: based on what you feel about how you’re doing, there is an agenda for the next 50 weeks of 2023 that warrants your attention. Red needs fixing; yellow screams for a pivot toward progress; green invites good-to-great movement that will allow your light to shine in front of people who will think better of God as they are more impressed with Him alive, in you.

Are you open to usThe Master’s Program – helping you accelerate into a breakthrough year? Our offer to assist is woven into our website; the value proposition is clear. Become the person He made you to be; settle for nothing less. Who else do you have to help you make that happen?

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5 thoughts on “What are your gauges telling you?”

  1. Thanks Bob!!
    Your messages every Monday are wonderful and remind me that I am not alone in my “tiny” struggles in life, as God is always looking out for me and my entire family.

  2. Love it Bob! Thank you for continuing the charge, maybe even picking up steam, and challenging each one of us (ME), to live strongly in all God has called us to be.

  3. Dwight Johnson

    Good reminder, I pray you are feeling better and staying safe, and have a great healthy New Year, we love you and pray for you every day.

  4. Lyle Castellaw

    Simple yet profound! I’ll be sharing this with others later this month, included in that sharing will be our historic connection. Thanks Bob!

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